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So you want to dissasemble your Tach?  I will tell you how.  First the tach is a Magnetic flywheel resolved by a spring.  In other words when the tach cable spins it rotates a magnet inside of a cone.  By the magnet it trys to spin the cone as well but since that is held with a spring it doesn't freewheel, and instead the faster the magnet spins the harder it trys to spin the cone which pulls on the spring and when the cone turns it turns the needle.
Ok now that you know how it works time to break it open.  First you have to remove the tach from your bike.  Two acorn nuts and the tach cable hold it in, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE WHOLE ASSEMBLY.  I learned the hard way by removing every single thing from the gagues to realise only 2 nuts hold it on.  But get a open box wrench and take off the two nuts, make sure you keep the nut,washer,gromlet in a safe place otherwise when you try to reinstall it will vibrate and sound nasty. 
Nitty gritty.  now with the nice $40 piece in your hands its time to remove the black cover.  The black cover is just a solid piece of metal that is wrapped around a lip on the housing.  Just take a screwdriver and pry the lip up straight so you can slide the housing out.  (this takes awhile, and be very careful not to bend it too much because this is visible, dont worry too much about the plastic)  after you get the edges folded up slowly work off the black cover/lens. 
Now all that is left is two screws in the back holding the tach itself to the housing,  just remove the screws and thats it.  Now you can do whatever you want.  OH be very careful with the face of the tach because the numbers are just painted on glass. 
Soon I will be Showing you how to install LED's inside the tach/spedo to give it a colored GLOW.     
Added 2-20-03:
    The spedometer is almost identical to the Tach except you have to work the rubber boot around the reset knob. 








Her is a picture of my Tach with 4 cheap LED's inside. I think they are 40mcds but the ones I plan on using are 1800mcds and probably only 2 of those.  But this is just a demo shot :-).


Not the best picture but here is the finished product.  I Installed 2, 4000mcd LED's running at around 13mA.  The picture does not do it justice, It looks bad ass! Total cost for me 40 cents. Muahahahaha ;-)   




Above are the actual LED's in the socket. :-)