Air Filter Replacement
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Replacing your air filter on a GS500 Written for GSTWINS.COM

Step 1. Buy a filter and read this whole page.
Step 2. Remove the seat.
Step 3. Remove bolts holding on the side panels.


Step 4. *POP* out the side panels and slide them down to get access to the Fuel Tank Bolts.
Step 5. Remove Tank Bolts.


Step 6. Pick up tank and move it out of the way. I tilted mine sideways and rested it on the petcock while I took out the 4 screws holding in the air filter.
Step 7. Remove 4 screws holding air filter in.


Step 8. Put in new filter and undo steps 2-7.

*Just a Note. Whenever working with the fuel tank it is much easier to work with if the tank is a little empty.

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