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I finsihed the Prototype of the New Taillight. It is currently in 3 pieces but will be down to one the same size as the old taillight (without the blinkers).
Current Specs:
Running light is 15mA with a 2hz sine wav. So they pulse 2 times per second (they pulse from 14mA to 16mA so they are on all the time but get a little brighter, dimmer, brighter etc.
Brake light adds 5mA (makes them brighter) and also adds a 10Hz sinewav so now they will be flashing at 10Hz(20mA +- 1mA at 10Hz)
Blinkers are user adjustable regardless of the input signal. You know when you change/or a light breaks your blinkers will flash faster or slower? This unit will flash at the speed you set regardless of how fast the bike sends the pulse to it. the frequency can be varied from 0.5hz to 10Hz I limited it because any higher and they will look solid (not blink).
4: This has a regulated voltage so there will not be the "low" period when the bike is idling, it will have the exact same intensity regardless of the bike condition (except a dead battery)

Total power consumption less than 2 watts. You can leave it on and it wont drain your battery. :-)

I am pretty sure I can get a unit out (without the turn signals, and the pulsing) for around $55. If I add the circuitry for the Pulsing and turn signals it will be like $15 more. However the unit with the turnsignals will ***NOT**** fit in the stock taillight housing you will have to modify or buy a new one. (or I might just not make any with the turn signals) Maybe a "Pod" that can be attatched to the outside with the turnsignals hmm... Leme know what you guys think. (also prices are guestimates so it will probably go down a little once I figure it all out)

jdahle *at* gmail dot com

I have a video (12MB) you cant really see the pulsing on the brake lights because I have a cheap camera, and the blinker aliases in some wierd frequencies(like taking pictures of your TV it looks weired some times), so dont take the video as "This is actually how it works." it looks better in real life. Email me and I'll send it to you. I'm pretty sure I have enough people that want them for me to build them but Still send me an email and I'll make sure I get them built. Shipping will still be $1, and If you have an old one I'll work something out with you if you want a new one.



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