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I'm just going to Put some stuff up here.(written)

Well I think that all of the major shopping marts are using shock therapy to customers. HOW?!? Ok well I work in one so I push alot of shopping carts. One day I let the cart roll in front of me without touching it and when I did touch it I got a little shock! So I thought nothing of it until I did it again, and again, and again, and today If I do that with a shopping cart I garantee that it will shock me,you. :-)
--I didn't write this but it is a good story.--
There once was an old farmer who kept horses. One night, during a great storm, a section of his fence collapsed, and all eight of his horses escaped. The following morning, several members of the surrounding village came to offer their condolences. The old man asked "Why are you so sad?", and the villagers replied, "You have lost all of your horses: this is a disaster!" To this the old man asked, "How do you know?". The villagers walked away, shaking their heads in confusion.

The next day, all eight horses returned, bringing with them twelve wild stallions. The villagers returned, exclaiming their joy for the old man's great fortune. The old man simply asked, "Why are you so happy?"

"All of your horses have returned, and you now have many more! This is a good thing!", exclaimed the villagers. The old man again asked "How do you know?", and again the villagers left, dumbfounded.

The following morning, the old man's son arose, and went out to tame the new, wild stallions. In so doing, he was thrown, his leg broken. The villagers returned, with great sadness on their faces. The old man immediately noticed this, and asked "What saddens you so?" The villagers replied. "Your son has broken his leg! This is terrible!" Again the old man asked, "How do you know?"

Not two weeks had passed before the Emperor's men rode into the village. The war had greatly ravaged their front lines, and they sought fresh young blood to serve in their army. The old man's son, however, could not be drafted, for he had a broken leg. When the villagers heard about this, they said "How lucky! If he had been drafted he would almost certainly died or suffered terrible injury" The old man said "Is it lucky? How do you know?" ... and so on ...

This is not to say that sometimes good things are bad, and bad things are good. Rather, it shows that there are neither GOOD things, nor BAD. Things are, quite simply, things. Good, bad, right, and wrong are interpretations we make, or unmake. It's all a matter of perspective and your perspective is YOURS!